About Us Global Interact Indonesia

Global Interact Indonesia

Marketing activities at this moment is increasing significantly, fast and rapidly. Thus below the line activities is also showing the rapid growing. Based on this condition, herewith we’re establishing the outstanding company focusing on Sales and Marketing Communication.  

There are 8 billion sales people in the world, yes we ALL sales people by speaking to influence others.

Working below the line will let us know how to solve the customer’s problems. Then HOW??

  1. Have a servant’s mindset;
  2. Share experience;
  3. Solve their problems.

We’re involving the good credibility team whom also has best experiences in below the line activities, also has hard passion to give the best solutions as per client’s target and budget starting from planning, execution, controlling, evaluation till improving.

Actual findings in the root-grass:
People BUY from people they TRUST
They TRUST people they LIKE
They LIKE people they CONNECT with

Therefore WE will work as the BRIDGE to make people BUY -- as the main GOAL of clients, we are the people they TRUST, LIKE and CONNECT with.

We’re established in 2013 under CV. Jamur Waton Productions, upon the growing and client’s needs then in 2015 we build business line under PT. Global Interact Indonesia.